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Sochem Solutions blends our own chemical formulas with precision that can only come from experienced formulators and blending personnel using state of the art computerized equipment.

Custom Blends: We can either blend your chemical formulas or provide assistance in developing the appropriate formula and then custom blend the specific chemical formula to fit your needs.

Key benefits: Stable chemical products that outperform the competition time and time again consistently. Your batches are uniform in every way...color, specific gravity (SG), and performance. Packaging materials, shipping services, and products are built around your specifications every time.

Capabilities: We can blend any liquid and most dry products in our state of the art blending center. Delivery is always on time. Our staff can develop formulas that directly fit your requirements. Blending vat sizes range from laboratory samples to a 5,000 gallon blending vat. The vats are made of stainless steel and HDPE. Our staff and in-house consultants have a combined experience of 100+ years. Your blends are computerized to help ensure a consistent quality product. We also strive to minimize the cost of raw material(s) and generate proper DOT labeling, shipping papers, and MSDS sheets for your convenience.

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